360 Dental Care

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Contact Information:

Location: 6 Southern Street M3 4NJ
City: Manchester
Phone: 0161 834 1000


At the heart of Manchester lies our modern and stylish dental clinic. Inside, a team of leading dentists, hygienists and dental nurses, who specialize in what they do, work with great skill and effort to giving you beautiful teeth and a natural, long-lasting smile. 

You can see just some of the amazing smile makeovers we have done for dental patients in Manchester by visiting our website and viewing our gallery and reading what people have about us on our testimonials page. Our customers are some of our greatest advocates.

What makes us different isn't just the fact that all new cosmetic and general dentistry patients receive a comprehensive examination and a tailored dental treatment plan before we begin. Nor is it the fact that all costs are clear and easy to understand from the beginning - with no hidden extras. What makes us different is that we care deeply about your smile and our goal is to give you the result you have always dreamt of.   

The 360 Dental Care practice is located just off on Deansgate in Manchester; easy to get to by car or public transport. In fact, many of our patients chose to see us during their lunch hour or just after work. We will fit into your schedule and make sure you don't waste any time waiting around in reception. That is because we allow the time that is necessary to give everyone the attention they expect and deserve.