Battlefield Paintball

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Contact Information:

Location: 2 Hertford Street, OL7 0TB
City: Ashton Under Lyne,
Phone: 0843 886 3895


Battlefield Paintball opened with the sole purpose of changing the face of paintball.

We have 3 systems of how we run our games.

Splatball: This is a more softer and impact friendly game, which makes a game of paintball more accessible to ages 7 -10 years. This is a low impact game with spring loaded; low calibre, Splatball guns, giving all the fun and realism of an actual paintball game or computer game, but without the pain and mess.

Battleball: This game system is similar to paintball, however, we use .50 calibre paintballs with the gas powered guns which produce a lower impact hit on the player, meaning players will feel less pain than they would if hit by an actual paintball. This game is suitable for ages ranging from 11-16 years old.

Paintball: This is your classic, full throttle paintball. Players will enjoy the full realism, fun and thrill of a paintball game, using .68 calibre paintballs, which pack quite a punch. It's perfect for stag and hen parties or just a good night out with friends.