Bud Garden Centre

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Contact Information:

Location: Bud Garden Centre, Omer Drive M19 2JN
City: Burnage
Phone: 0750 540 3422


Bud Garden Centre is a beautiful, luxurious garden centre located in Manchester. We at Bud strive to provide high-quality plants and gardening products as sustainably as possible. Our products and plants range from seasonal, shrubs, herbaceous, climbers, edibles and sundries. 

Our products are all eco-friendly and help make your garden blossom and bloom without impacting the environment in a negative way, and we also have a large range of gardening products suitable for organic gardening.

We minimize our impact on the environment by collecting and reusing rainwater, using peat-free compost for growing plants on at Bud, generating our own compost and leaf mould, and supporting and encouraging biodiversity by creating and maintaining natural habitats. We also use and sell organic and biological controls for pests and diseases.