1920's Themed Wedding Entertainment

Are you planning a wedding? Are you looking for music? We are now in prime wedding planning season if you’re looking for ideas and are covered under a large pile of different wedding magazines all of which are suggesting the same, pastel pink designs. How about you do something a bit different…the jazz age, the flapper girl and the time of prohibition there is a magic in the 1920s, the look is strong beautiful and elegant. The 1920s is a beautiful era that shows a time of change and quirkiness. A 1920s wedding is a great alternative to the traditional fairy tale and princess weddings and really sticking with the theme can make it memorable. Even if not every little thing can fit into the 1920s theme, the little flourishes can still add that much sought after ‘wow’ factor.

It’s the time of the Great Gatsby, one of the most influential; pieces of literature in the modern conscience. And even if things didn’t work out for the best with Daisy, Nick and Jay, the romance of the look has transcended and is still a source of inspiration for everyone in the wedding industry today. The 1920s is the perfect antidote to the modern trends and helps you to streamline your entire wedding. So here is our guide to the perfect 1920s wedding entertainment.

Entertainment is a big part of your wedding, it helps guests who may not know each other to bond over a common point whether that is good or bad. Your wedding entertainment is a great way to link together your 20s theme with music from the era.

Singer Michelle Lee has created a 1920s set with a mix of old and new songs with high levels of aesthetic, with standout performances of Gangsters Paradise. She remixes modern songs with a swing beat reminting of the era it’s the perfect way to get both the young and the new involved in your wedding. Or if you're going for a more traditionally 1920s entertainment style then embrace the ideas of blues or jazz bands and there are plenty to go around like Essential Swing and Harmony Sisters are ready and waiting to give you a performance to remember on your special day.

Other ideas include Charleston dancers like dance troupe Impact Dancers, who will come out and do some 1920s style dance, with the recent Baz Luhramann retelling of the Great Gatsby it's a very identifiable theme for a lot of people to enjoy as part of your day. The 1920s theme is a great way to get everyone together. Or if you have a small entertainment budget, gramophones are a great vintage accent to a room and you can hire one that links up to a speaker so you can pick out your own playlist of all of the music that you personally love except with a touch of vintage sound.

So embrace the Jazz age and the styles in the Great Gatsby Wedding.

By Katie Beech   -   22-04-2016

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