5 Quick and easy breakfast recipes

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it starts off the metabolism and helps you keep going until dinner time. But as we get busier and let's be honest we want to sleep in a little later making yourself a decent breakfast can often come low down in the priority list. But here at Hello we've got you and five super easy breakfast recipes that you can make and still sleep in.

Morning Smoothie
The morning smoothie is great if you're not really a breakfast person but are trying to make healthier choices. Instead of reaching for that cup of instant coffee, throw a cup of grapes, a handful of kale, a cup of almond milk and ¼ cup of ice and blend for five minutes. Pour into a to-go cup and take it on the bus, a great cool drink with an infusion of vitamins.

Lazy avocado on toast
The breakfast food that launched a thousand Instagram posts, avocado is a super good and super rejuvenating food that will have you feeling great. However if you'd rather spend your mornings sleeping instead of mashing up vegetables you can substitute it for guac. It tastes great and is an excellent hangover cure.

Mobile cereal
A night before breakfast, this involves a little bit of preparation but it can be put inside a portable coffee container (just make sure you clean out first) fill with greek yogurt, muesli and some great small fruit for a little bit of variety. Pop it in the fridge over night, plastic spoon and go in the morning so you can take it too work or in

Breakfast wrap
A wrap is the easiest way to create a breakfast style snack with a on the go readiness, wraps are tasty and you don't have to worry about buttering the bread. Get a whole wheat wrap for extra fiber, spinach, pepper and cheese gives you a perfect rush of healthy goodness that you'll need to get you all the way through too lunch time.

Fruit toast
Fruit toast is everything that you loved from jam sandwiches as a kid only without the sugar and the fat. The fruit toast recipe is a mix of sweet and savoury. Toast your bagel, smush on cottage cheese, peaches and almonds are the perfect recipe for a Monday morning get up and go.

By Katie Beech   -   13-06-2016

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