5 surprising Harry Potter facts

As Harry Potter and The Cursed Child storms onto the West End this month, the rest of us are feeling a little bit left out. We're hoping the play tours England some time in 2016 and just in case they need convincing we've come up with five facts linking The Boy who Lived with England's second city...

1. Stone Roses frontman and Mad-chest icon Ian Brown actually makes a cameo in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as a wizard in the Leaky Cauldron reading Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time while stiring his tea with a spell.

2. The brooms in Harry Potter are some of the most competitive parts of the Magic world and you learn more about it during the journey that is Pottermore. And Manchester plays host to the Headquarters of the Thunderbolt broomstick.

3. On a delayed train (we've all been there, am I right?) JK Rowling was stuck on a train from Manchester to London when she said that 'Harry walked into her life' and thus Harry Potter was born that time in 1990.

4. The man that played the deplorable muggle Veron Dursley, one of the greatest British actor's Richard Thomas Griffiths was in Yorkshire. But he trained at Manchester's School of Theatre (at the time Manchester Polytechnic School of Drama) and eventually settled in Manchester.

5. Afshan Azad who played Padma Patil in five of the Harry Potter films was born in Longsight in Manchester. Afshan was quoted as saying that she “never in a million years thought anyone from Manchester was going to get it.”

By Katie Beech   -   29-06-2016

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