Art Feeds the Soul

Art feeds the soul. It enriches our lives and helps us know more about our identity. Supporting the arts in your local area is a great way of supporting the community and helps build up regional pride. Art comes in all different shapes and sizes and there are plenty of events in May that don't subscribe to the traditional museum type of art show. So this month get out into the city, put your cultural hat on and show up to help local art and maybe discover the next great Van Gogh. 

Croxteth Hall
1st-2nd May

Enjoy a bank holiday weekend outside at the beautiful Croxteth Hall. As artisans from around the North and beyond descend on Croxteth for what is shaping up to be a beautiful bank holiday weekend, spend the time looking at gifts, arts, food and drink from around the world and witness performers and entertainers for what is shaping up to be an excellent event.

Susan Gunn: Ground
The Portico Library
3rd-28th May

Gunn creates landscapes of cracked areas and accidental nuances, crafted but beyond the power of the artist. Through fluctuating dynamics such as tension, the speed and temperature at which the work is allowed to “dry-out”. The Gunn exhibition at the Mosely Street art gallery comes from the celebrated Manchester artist.

Arts Classes
Throughout May

Globes Art Education is a movement towards inspiring the young and old through the means of different art forms. Setting up drawing, painting, glass blowing and ceramics classes for everyone from beginners to experts. This is a great way of getting involved in the community and especially great for isolated elderly people.

Gallipoli 100
Till the 14th May
Fusilier Museum

100 years since the Lancashire Fusiliers landed on the beaches of the Gallipoli peninsula. The Fusiller Museum is an important place that all Mancunians seeking a piece of their regional history should go to in order to experience what had to happen and how people fought for.

L.S Lowry : The Art and the Artist
The Lowry
Throughout May

The quintessential art show for any connoisseur of North art, L.S Lowry’s influence on the North and his striking paintings that brought truth to the area are as influential today as they were over a hundred years ago. Even if you covered his work in school, you don’t gain a real appreciation for the man who drew the matchstick dogs and matchstick men until you view his work through a more mature mindset.

Designs for Living
Throughout May

A European influence exhibition of the designs for the life around us by Claire Dorsett and Cherry Tenneson. Cherry Tenneson presents a new series of drawings and paintings as signs throughout the public areas of HOME. Celebrating the banal, everyday experiences of encountering information in an institutional setting.

By Katie Beech   -   14-04-2016

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