Books to get excited about this July

As we get ready for summer and our holidays it's time to start organising beach reads and now is summer box office hits in the book world so keep your eyes out for these gems popping up on amazon over the next couple of months or pre-order right now.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling
The much talked about sequel to the Harry Potter series is already known to be quite a popular play on the London's West End with tickets going for nearly two thousand pounds. But not to worry at the end of this month you will be able to buy the full play script

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
Reviewed as a “tightly wound mystery” journalist Lo Blacklock goes on a writing assignment most people only dream, a luxury cruise with only a handful of people, firstly things are going swimmingly in the picturesque Northern sea. Only when a woman is thrown overboard do things start to go very wrong, after all, all the other guests are accounted for...

In twenty years by Allison Winn Scotch
Six college students, one house what can go wrong am I right? When the group's ring leader, Bea dies suddenly the group splinter off and don't talk to each other for years. On the eve of what would be Bea's birthday they return to the house to reflect on their age, friendship and the tortuous past.

The Shadow Hour (The girl at midnight #2)
The next book by Kate Riordan series, Echo's life changes in the blink of an eye when she discovers the truth...she's a firebird. She's the creature said to bring in the era of peace, but Echo can feel the darkness arising as well in the distant, she must decide on her true nature.

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva
As the lines between real life and reality TV began to blur, we wonder how far we'll go to get the highest ratings. Twelve contestants are released into the woods and put through increasingly sadistic endurance tests our main character begins to loose her grip on what's reality.

By Katie Beech   -   16-06-2016

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