Cyrotherapy UK; a pioneering new beauty treatment

After setting up their pioneering beauty venture, Cryotherapy UK in June of last year, business is booming for Yorkshire entrepreneurs Sara Turner and Debra Lister who are bringing their beauty treatment to The Ainscow Hotel & Spa, Manchester.

The health treatment company offers non-invasive solutions to weight loss, skin tightening, acne, cellulite and sports injuries and has been rolled out across six Northern locations in the past year. From 12th May, the treatment will be available at Manchester-based The Ainscow Hotel & Spa.

Cryotherapy UK has already experienced success with treatment centres in Leeds city centre, Darlington and now Manchester, and with an expansion plan involving another 4 openings by the end of 2016, the Yorkshire based beauty business is set to continue its momentum.

Founders Sara Turner and Debra Lister have over sixty years experience in the health and beauty industry and have been partnering with respected salons across the North as part of the regional expansion.

The company has invested just under £100,000 in training and equipment that harnesses the technology to offer “the results of liposuction without the surgery.”

Paula Pilling comments: “We’ve seen how well this treatment has been received elsewhere and we were delighted to be approached by Sara and Debra to bring the revolutionary treatment to Manchester.”

Cryotherapy shocks the nervous system with extreme cold to stimulate the body to go into recovery mode, increasing the metabolic rate and sending nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to problem areas.

Debra Lister co-founder of Cryotherapy UK said: “Cryotherapy is non-invasive but can deliver similar effects to cosmetic surgery. There is a big market for customers looking for lasting results without the expense and risk of invasive treatments. The results are incredible but the challenge is in raising awareness - celebs and athletes have been using it for years but it’s still relatively new to the general public.

“Our openings in Yorkshire and across the North are performing well. We’ve invested time and money in to the best technology and training to get it right. Having made that investment, the time is right to expand Cryotherapy UK across the nation and a London launch is planned very soon.”

As well as looking to partner with salons across the UK, Cryotherapy UK is also delivering the treatment to sports teams who could benefit from the pioneering technology. 

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