Five Easy to use Productivity Tips

Productivity. It's that elusive trait that some people have in buckets while the rest of us seemed to be in a confused muddle. Being able to keep up with a task no matter the circumstance is a lot harder than most people give it credit for, so if you're looking for a bit of inspiration read this and then get cracking:

1) Early bird:

Do you ever find yourself bemoaning that there are no more hours in the day? Yes, you may think that rolling out of bed at half eight is early and it would be if you were still in secondary school. But being productive means taking advantage of the whole day, start getting up ten minutes earlier than you normally would and build from there, getting up at 6, 5, 4 means that there will be more hours in the day and you'll achieve more tasks before work than you will after.

2) No Distractions:

Be ruthless! Take stock of your weaknesses and realise that we all have time wasting habits. It could be social media, office chat or sudoku we all have things that we enjoy instead of doing our actual work. In order to be productive you've got to cut out these habits without a second thought, you will be surprised at where you can get when you're not wasting time.

3) Time limits for tasks

Time limits are one of the secrets of productivity, give yourself 15 minutes to answer your emails and then fifteen minutes on your first task and then your second task and so on and so on. Doing tasks in short bursts will allow you to switch things up and will stop you from procrastinating and you'll find out how much you actually achieve in a short space of time.

4) Just say no

Want another project? Want to listen to your next door neighbours three hour story about their monologue? Want to fix your aunties WiFi? No. You don't. It's time to stop being a people pleaser and stop taking up more than you can handle.

5) Checklist

You may remember everything you need to but having a visual reminder of what you're supposed to do will make sure it's at the forefront of your mind and you get a real sense of achievement when everything clicks off.

By Katie Beech   -   05-05-2016

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