Five Road Trips in Manchester

Road tripping may conjure up more images of open roads in a sun drenched American road. But what about road tripping a little closer to home.

There’s something about the outdoors of Manchester that cannot be replicated a certain unkempt beauty that has been shaped by decades of rain and wildness, untouched by human hands there are some places in Manchester which look to be straight out of a national geographic and are such a rush to visit.

Here at Hello Publications we are all about letting you in on everything Manchester has to offer and some of the best places you can go to are in the countryside. And as previously mentioned the weather in Manchester isn’t exactly reliable, whether it’s changing every hour or every day, the rain can ruin a decent walk but it can’t ruin a good drive. Yes Manchester and motoring go hand in hand, and we’ve collected the best places to take your car and your friends or family on a road trip within city grounds. You may have thought Sunday drives were just for your grandparents but we are bringing them back in the best way possible.

1) Snakes Pass
In 2009 this modest piece of the A57 was voted one of the best driving roads in England. Named after the stretch of road between Manchester and Sheffield Snakes Pass is as winding and as wild as the name suggests. The highest point of this road is 1679 feet above sea level and can take over 40 minutes to travel across but when you do it’s worth it if not at least solely for the views.

2) Route 66
The drive-in cinema is one of the few in Europe and has such a charm to it that you will feel like you're in America in the 50s. The cinema is on Mosley Road and it's a place that you definitely need to visit on your Manchester road trip, get some food and enjoy one of the latest flicks from the comfort of your vehicle.

3) Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens
In Dibsury between River Mersey and Stenner Woods a natural reserve that's like stepping into a jungle, part wildlife habitat and part sports playground it's a great place to drive too and get out of your car and go for a picnic and a game of tennis.

4) Chill Factore
Manchester is actually the home to the UK's longest indoor ski slope. And even though we're slowly sliding into spring and summer this is a perfect stop on your road trip around the city. It's definitely a place that you need to go in Manchester to see the £31m real snow centre in Trafford Park and going through the summer means you can take advantage of the latest offers.

5) The Royal Exchange
A perfect opportunity to take advantage of Manchester's stunning theatre scene. The Night Watch is currently playing from the end of May to the middle of June. A perfect end to the evening, finish your road trip, park your car and go have a drink and a cultural experience exclusive to Manchester.

By Katie Beech   -   20-04-2016

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