Friday's Family-Friendly Festivities

We're all living for the weekend right? But when you have kids the weekend plans become less about drinking and debauchery and more about cbeebies and apple juice. But if you're ready for something a little different than watching Frozen for the hundredth time then here are just a couple of ideas for shaking up your weekend:

Under 5s First Steps
This dance workshops for kids under five years old invites you to explore the first moments of creativity in your child's life and have fun with that as well. For three pound fifty you and your kid can join in as they explore music and stories in a safe environment.

Alice in Wonderland Sensory Stay & Messy Play for 0-5s
At the play studios Kids Creative you and your child can experience the magical wonderland every fortnight through the next two months. A relaxing environment that you can freely explore your creativity in and introduce your child to classic literature at a very early age.

The Day Granny's Knickers Blew Away
A funny and silly situation that both big and little kids can enjoy, a pair of Granny's Knickers fly off the washing line and find themselves in a whole host of silly adventures. In Hope Mill in Ancoats, Hope Mill Theatre is one of the newest creative spaces in Manchester as part of the city's cultural push.

Beyond the Garden Gate
Get out into nature and experience the beauty and the wonder that is Dunham Massey in this Friday event. With drinks and live music this is a relaxing and great way to start the weekend. Bring your picnic and bring your garden chairs and have a great time.

By Katie Beech   -   17-06-2016

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