Hometown Tourism

With money being tight and work being never ending, taking a break can often feel more like a daydream than a reality. That’s why here at Hello Publications we are introducing you to the burgeoning new trend that’s sweeping the nation, Hometown tourism.

Instead of spending all your money on middle of the night flights and the drain of travelling you pick a hotel and discover a part of your city you’ve never seen before. And the lasting effects can be really positive affect on the way you view your city. The popularity of this trend is due to its simplicity, a weekend getaway with very little overhead and very little organisation with friends and family schedule.

Hotel rooms can be purchased on the cheap from sites such as www.laterooms.com and www.trivago.co.uk comparison websites can help you find the best deals. If you’re looking to really change your views on what your city is all about.

And now is the time to start making lists, with no money being spent on flights you can take an opportunity to really focus on creating an interesting experience. Investigate some of the city’s hidden gems like John Ryland’s library, a beautiful neo-gothic building that’s over a hundred years. John Ryland’s library recently opened an exhibition all about witches and demons, certainly something to check out.

Still in the literary vein, The Gaskell House is well worth a visit when you’re in the city. Elizabeth Gaskell was a celebrated Victorian novelist and many university students will know the name from lecture halls. It’s a great way to discover how the city of Manchester has influenced some of the country’s best fiction.

Furthermore something to do if you’re coming into the city centre soon why not have a look at the Manchester Film Festival being hosted between 3rd-6th of March featuring the international premiere of a Beautiful Now by Daniela Amavia this festival is where the best established and undiscovered film makers come together to celebrate Northern film.

In addition to its definitely important that if you come to Manchester that you listen to live music, with some of the best venues in the world both big and small. Venues like the academies host bands that are up and coming and can be a great conversation starter on Monday morning. Whereas the MEN arena is hosting giants like Adele and Rod Stewart in the next year, definitely worth building a trip around.

As for something to eat, why don’t you try a challenge like super-spicy phall at the Scene Indian Street Kitchen? A face-meltingly hot curry which is definitely an experience you won’t forget. There are plenty of man vs. food challenges all around the city for you to take a part in.

Hometown tourism is a definite avenue for you to take as an alternative to the average holiday and at the same time the familiarity of visiting your hometown with a fresh set of eyes enables you to take risks that you normally wouldn’t dare.

By Katie Beech   -   09-02-2016

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