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Your home should be your sanctuary, you’re protection from the world outside and the one place that is wholly for you and your family. And this means that the interior of your home should reflect the people you live with.

That’s why here at Hello Publications we’re champions of the region’s best interior design firms. Often overlooked interior design is an industry on the rise with many firms going from strength to strength throughout the start of 2016. And for good reason, a beautifully made home can really change the way you feel about your life and ultimately improve your mental health. And as we move in 2016 more and more are realising it.

Interior design companies are really experiencing a sort of renaissance at the moment with more people than ever seeking out their services. Like Jasper Saunder’s whose firm has only been up and running for less than three years has been going from strength to strength adding new designers this week and working on over 4000 thousand homes and apartments in the city. If you’re seeking a change of scenery it may be wise to invest some money in having a professionally trained interior designer come to your house and see what they make of it.

2016 is ready for a change in trends from the minimalism of 2015 and are ready for patterns done in a completely different way, with geometric shapes and interesting floral designs the aesthetic is a lot more cleaner and stripped down.

An example of flourishing success can be seen in Manchester based commercial interior design company Space Invader has doubled their turnover and is now making profits in the millions thanks to a team of forward thinking and creative people.

And bringing on some of the most creative minds into the area Manchester Metropolitan University now runs one of the most successful interior design courses in the country producing successful interior designs who work across a variety of fields.

In interior design in 2016 there is a colour cleanse as colours become more toned down (see: Rose Quartz and Serenity) with a feel towards a friendly colours, warm tones to brighten up our rooms. A deconstructed way of doing things as we move away from the fake sheen of perfection.

And not just in your home the way your work looks can really have an effect on your productivity and your attitude towards your job. And some places in Manchester are already ahead of the game with world renowned interior designer Darius Baniabassian has joined the workplace consultancy team at Manchester-based OBI Property. Cool offices are all the rage in the north recently with in their city centre office boasts 90 flat screens, a beach on the top floor and a free breakfast to all employees.

Interior design can really turn around your whole perspective a beautiful surrounding area can increase productivity and work harmony. With true experts dedicating their time to their craft and the result between a professional and amateur interior designers is astronomical.

By Katie Beech   -   07-02-2016

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