Manchester: A city, a sound, a soul

On Sunday the 19th of June, as the rain splattered onto the ground and the clouds swarmed the sky the streets were lined with artists and dancers that brought colour into our city.

Manchester Day. The one day we come together as a city to celebrate the trials and triumphs that bind us together under the same banner of Mancunians. Almost a hundred thousand people came out to celebrate Manchester pride, including monsters, musicians and a time traveling robot named Albot.

For 2016 the theme of celebration was Eureka! As an ode to Manchester's status as Europe's city of science 2016. As the city where the atom was first split and where the world's first stored program computer was built, Manchester has been at the forefront of scientific discoveries for the past century and over 15 Nobel Prize winners including 2010 winner for Physics Konstantin Novoselov have either worked or studied within our great city.

Celebrating Manchester in typical Manchester weather, the vibrant parade partied through Albert Square, past Deansgate and into Exchange Square. Partnering the logic of science with some of the city's best dancers and musicians Manchester was most certainly alive on Sunday.

And if parade's weren't your thing then a city-wide collaboration allowed you to experience 'The Brain Box' at Manchester Town Hall, letting you study the brain, exactly how it works, what goes wrong and how it can be fixed. With contributions from the the Museum of Science and Industry, the Stroke Association, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Parkinson’s UK and the National Autistic Society among many others this exhibition provided many with much needed insight and sparked important conversation, a beautiful and enlightening educational experience.

And what Manchester celebration would be complete without some of the city's best and brightest culinary delights including Almost Famous, MacDaddies and Somtam.
Overall Manchester Day was a celebration of love in the face of trying circumstances both home and abroad, realising that we need the support of each other in order to succeed as a city because after all this is Manchester and we do things differently here.

By Katie Beech   -   22-06-2016

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