Manchester's Fashion Explosion

Online fashion businesses are springing up all over the nation as we roll into the 21st century the online stores are promising a better and more diverse range of clothes at a more cost effective price. From Asos to net-a-porter there is a true move by fashionistas from the streets to the web with bloggers and entrepreneurs are on the forefront of fashion and on the catwalks.

Nathalie Gibbins a PR Director explained why Manchester is becoming a haven for the new fashion elite.

"The founder and owner David Walter is from Manchester so there was never any question about setting up anywhere else other than Manchester.”

Manchester is currently playing host to some of the biggest players in the online fashion game with boohoo and misguided.

“We’re proud to be a Manchester business and part of a city that is blossoming, alongside such a rich history in textiles and fashion.”

Manchester’s fashion history has been with it since the textiles days and involved over time to include the raver gear in the 80s and the Oasis Britpop look of the 90s and during the 00s the WAGs descended on Manchester and we became the pioneers of the glam look. Now in the 10s they've meshed together for glam cool.

' is the UK’s premium dresses destination – we stock dresses from more than 80 brands, plus our own-label collection – for special events ranging from weddings and races to Saturday night on the town.” This is one of the main conviences of online shopping instead of rifling through twenty racks in order to find one formal dress or going to three different formal stores online shopping allows people to filter sizes and styles, a shopping trip which would have normally lasted a few hours now can be done during a lunch break. It reflects a change in our personalities when it comes to shopping as we seek deals and convience over the big named brands.

“ So of course we’re inspired by Manchester! As a city renowned for its stylish women and great night-life and party scene, there’s plenty to be influenced by.” Which is why Manchester is such a great fit for the online fashion explosion.

In fact, the mantra is ‘feel fabulous’ – we create dresses that make our customers feel fantastic on their night out or special event, and Manchester certainly knows how to have a good time!’

By Katie Beech   -   14-04-2016

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