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A survey of 2,000 people by Adapt Nutrition has shown that Manchester is in the top three fittest cities in the UK. With 65% of us visiting the gym as part of our weekly routine, being strong is definitely the new sexy.

A large part of this is due to the rise of the personal fitness business within gyms providing a full service to both gym bunnies and gym newbies. The popularity of personal trainers lying within their knowledge of fitness and their approachable nature.

Every celebrity out there has a personal trainer as celebrities like Lauren Goodger and Charlotte Crosby both of whom have gone through major body transformations thanks to their personal trainers. Like the modern day Alexandros of Antioch personal trainers are sculpting the modern day Venus de Milo.

So at Hello Publications we decided to examine fitness and personal training with Jamie Deakin, personal trainer at the Lowry. Jamie has been working at the Lowry for three years, he started his gym qualification and sports science degree while working in finance and that really sparked his love of personal training.

Jamie is proud of the way he “changing the quality of people’s lives through weight loss.” This ignited Jamie’s passion for the industry.

And health in Manchester is becoming a more vibrant conversation as the NHS is proposing yoga classes to encourage health across the nation and the growing anticipation for the Manchester run has everyone talking.

And this growing interest is really boosting the citizens of Manchester’s interest in the personal fitness industry as Jamie says ‘the boom in young professionals living in the city centre this last decade has helped (personal fitness) this will only continue.” Projects like the seventy million regeneration of Altrincham centre bringing an upward turn to the area.

So for 2016 why don’t you look into personal training, as Jamie predicts a move towards gymnastic exercises.

By Katie Beech   -   10-02-2016

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