Salford’s Spring Awakening

We all love a beautiful garden, a tranquil escape from the businesses of our lives and an oasis in an urban setting. But it’s February and the weather right now may not be ready for a lot of gardening but we’ve received some very sunny news from Salford which will be sure to brighten your day. Because even in the middle of our rainy days it’s always important to remember that soon the flowers will start to bloom.

Salford is currently undergoing the first steps of a rural reinvention with a step back into nature. The city has been given the royal stamp of approval as it is set to receive the country’s fifth national garden, a move which will attract more than a million visitors to the area.

Yes, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS as you may know them) have proudly announced their plans to build a 156 acre garden at the prominent Worsley New Hall. The expertly designed place will be expanding throughout the Duke of Bridgewater estate all the way around Bridgewater canal in Worsley.

The RHS are planning on completely changing the landscape of the area for the better with an enduringly beautiful self-sufficient place and putting jobs into the community and creating into something beautiful beyond words that will become a jewel of Salford society.

The garden is set to be placed on a 999 year lease in the area, this lease will be one of the longest in Salford. The natural landscape of the garden and the nearly thousand year lease will be ensuring enduring beauty in the area for generations to come. The owners of the historic estate, Peel Land and Property, who are one of the largest real estate investment groups in the United Kingdom.

Also involved in the project is Salford City Council and the RHS have been working in a collaborative effort as this is particular passion project for everyone in the area. As experts descend on Salford to draw up plans for the fifth national garden is set to be opened in 2019. A labour of love for all parties involved Salford Council are pledging a further nine millions pounds in capital funds in the next three years barring any significant development plans.

Experts have been descending on the area in their droves for the past few months to enact the plans which include the restoration of one of the largest (ten acre) walled kitchen garden, the restoration of a spectacular terrace and a Learning Centre for schools helping the community appreciate the history of the site. All in all it will really be helping strengthen the city around it bringing a strong natural aesthetic to the community.

And the good news continues as Worsley is under consideration to be made a World Heritage Site as one of the most important landmarks in the North West. The change will help brighten a city which often marked by the 19th century industrial architecture bringing new life and new colour this spring into the area.

By Katie Beech   -   06-02-2016

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