Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t exactly a new concept but many businesses are still tentative when it comes to getting their businesses online. It’s now taking over the TV and billboard advertising when it comes to getting your business connected to your audience. Social media marketing is a free and easy device that can connect you with hundreds of potential customers and evaluate the level of your business tenfold.

So what to do if you’re a social media newbie?

Firstly you need to pick your main website, there are dozens out there and one of them is perfect for you. Sell clothes? Instagram. Accountancy? Linkedin. Marketing? Twitter.
You’ve got to be smart about promoting your business online, if you’re constantly pushing your product your likely to turn off your customer with an overflow of advertising. Be smart, be funny, go with the flow but stand out of the crowd. Building your brand on social media is all about your customers and your personality of your brand, why should your users follow you?

Starbucks is often cited as the brand with the most followers cross-platform and they do that with a highly visual campaign that feels authentic as it often includes the drinks in different seasons or showing different occasions. All of it appeals to their target audience and is the type of thing that they’d retweet, regram or reblog.

Authenticity is incredibly important when it comes to social media, if you don't know much about youth culture then it's best to refrain from trying to use words like 'fleek'.

It's all about authenticity and keeping a profile true to yourself. If you're on twitter you can join in conversations using hashtags, same with instagram and tumblr.

Looking for other people who run similar businesses to yours and watch how they communicate with their fans or customers. And when someone reaches out to you on any of social media platforms, keeping your customer service personal and fun will create an atmosphere where your company becomes a trusted and accessible feature in your customer's lives.

Social media has a way to connect you with a thousand more new customers and brings you immediately too a potentially international platform. The ingredients for a great social media campaign surrounds time, building up a personal online relationship with others and regardless of what you're selling you have to make sure that you're creating a social media feed that someone wants to read and keeping it up consistently.

By Katie Beech   -   28-04-2016

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