The 1920's Bride

Your wedding dress is a big decision and in a sea of tulle and blush pink it can often feel like you're losing your true personality to what a bride 'should be'. In an avalanche of princess dresses and strange contraptions, your wedding dress can often feel like running through a forest without much of a guide.

A 1920s wedding dress is the perfect antidote to all of that. The 1920s dress is a great bohemian alternative to the froofy princess dresses that might not truly be an expression of who you are.

The flapper girl is the ultimate sign of rebellion against tradition. In the 1920's she was the opposite of the traditional repression and strict gender roles of the Victorian era, the ultimate sign of a liberated woman.

A Great Gatsby Bride is a woman that laughs and waves as traditional wedding roles go by and she refuses to let them stop off at her wedding day. A Gatsby bride wants her wedding day to be fun for everyone she wants to move and sign and most importantly she wants to dance.

For a bride that wants to get that 1920s look there are plenty of ways to go with vintage being the most obvious choice. Ebay is an underrated vintage treasure trove and it's easy to find what you want and set out perimeters but at the same time what you see online might not be of the best quality.

Whereas if you go to the vintage wedding fair in Manchester then you might be able to find something you like but being vintage is a snap decision because it's very unlikely that it will be there when you get back.

If you're not about that vintage life then there are many places that are using the 1920s as inspiration for the seasons this year. A dynamic combination of androgyny and elegance. Take inspiration from rebellious style inspirations like Coco Chanel and Jeanne Lanvin.

A 1920s wedding dress is a unique take on the golden age of silent movie stars. If you're looking for inspiration or to splash out the big bucks then Caroline Herrera's new line or Vicky Rowe has some 1920s inspired designs. Where ever you're looking be sure to keep your eyes out for what makes a Gatsby inspired wedding gown, intricate beading slim line, lack of corsets, or look lace and precise detailing for that vintage feel. Art deco has tried and tested vintage appeal so add it as an accessory for that Gatsby glam appeal.

By Katie Beech   -   21-04-2016

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