The Perfect Hairstyle for a 1920's Style Wedding

As with fashion the 1920s was a stella time for woman's hair, as we got past the rigid ideas of Victorian hair and hats, women in the 1920s experimented with fun hairstyles in honour of their new found freedom. A 1920s look is a great way to maximise your elegance on your big day and a 1920s hairstyle can be a great accent for the whole day even if you don't want to go forth with the whole Great Gatsby style for the day.

Style icons from the era like Louise Brooks with her classic good looks and sleek dutch bob bringing in the age of angular styles which would go on to heavily influence the art deco jewellery of the decade. Louise Brooks silent star pedigree and her aversion to the 'talkies' allowed her to become one of the defining actresses of the Golden Age.

Along with Louise's bob this began the age of jaunty hair accessories with the flapper head pieces wrapping around the head for little more than decorative fashions. 1920's and bohemian inspired draped hair pearls and vines are very versatile headpieces, for example Evelyn Brent another silent movie star began her career in what is thought to be Hollywood's first gangster film 'Underworld' is definitely an icon of this kind of style.

The 1920s is pretty much synonymous with shorter hair but if you're a longer haired lady brushed out barrel curls can achieve the same look.

There are plenty of vintage beauty experts around who will be there ready to help you with your look for your wedding such as Bethany Jane Davies who specialises in the look for vintage brides in and around Manchester. There are plenty of ways to do the look yourself such as finger waves which you can find some excellent tutorials for on YouTube. And places like Etsy have some excellent Charleston pearl headbands and 1920s style headbands which can give you the look without much effort.

So embrace the look that's as unique and as quirky as you are, the Great Gatsby wedding may not be for everyone but the look is a great dress-up and it can be adapted through hen-party part of your wedding in order to class up that portion of the wedding. The next edition of the Great Gatsby Wedding will be featuring classic cocktails from the time period for weddings and weekends.

By Katie Beech   -   25-04-2016

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