The secret marketing tricks you see every day

Why are you buying that car? And why are you going into that coffee shop? Every day occurrences which you've probably never paid much mind to have actually been agonised and analysed by legions of people in boardrooms all across the modern world.
Who are these people? Marketing experts. They analysis your behaviour in order to manipulate your actions into buying more things from their company. And you'll be surprised exactly what tricks influence you on a daily basis:

1) Selling an idea rather than a product

'To inspire and nurture the human spirit- One person, one cup and one neighbourhood at the time.”
That's Starbucks mission statement, a rather profound statement for a place that sells sugary coffee and overpriced muffins. Yet Starbucks is the most enduringly popular coffee chain in the world and is often the basis for any in pop culture. That's because they are selling something money can't buy, a relaxed atmosphere, a personal level of familiarity (when they call out your name it feels like you're a regular.) and of course free wifi. You like Starbucks because of that familiarity and that 'Starbucks' feeling.

2)Netflix and the crazy market research

About five years ago there weren't that many people who owned a Netflix subscription or even knew the name and now it's a pillar of our TV binge watching. And it all started with House of Cards, a subversive show depicting the salacious goings on behind Washington's closed doors. Netflix is now winning Emmys and Golden Globes for it's programing and is fast taking away from network viewing. But Netflix already knew that thanks to it's phenomenal market research, they studied their viewers TV and film habits and noticed that more people were watching David Fincher films (and watching them all the way through) And one of the favourite actors for movies on Netflix was Kevin Spacey, join the two together and you have a recipe for success.

3)Rebellion and capitalism

Over the years society has moved into a general consensus that we all have a bit of an aversion to conformity. In fact marketing experts now spend a lot of time on their commercials trying to make them look as unique as possible, this is why on the Apple adverts they have Taylor Swift dancing awkwardly instead of in the traditional 'sexy girl way.' You remember this more and it makes you feel like you're going against the grain, these brands are then known as game changers and thus they are 'cool.'

4) The secret online formula

After many years of market research, the folks who are experts in these things have discovered the secret of making things on the internet incredibly popular. Number one, the most successful online content is posted on a Tuesday, content has to be positive, part of an insider culture and make the user feel intelligent. All of these things stack up to make a potential viral video. Of course viral content on the internet is never an exact science, after all it involves a population of people that made both the Ice Bucket Challenge and a clip of a woman putting a cat in a bin equally famous.

By Katie Beech   -   03-06-2016

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