Travelling by Your Own Guide

As someone who had the opportunity to travel a lot when I was younger, I have seen many unique and wonderful places our planet has to offer. Unfortunately, like many once you start a family your priorities swing in a different direction and it can be hard to find a holiday everyone can agree on. So here are my travel tips from the past and the present.

Firstly, I can safely say make sure you find out a little about your destination. Before I travel anywhere now or in the past I always see what the climate is like not just the weather, as some countries in recent years and in the past have been a little unstable. Not to say they are not safe but its best to know what you are walking into and find out the cultural do’s and don’ts. It’s easier to upset locals than you would think.

Second, shop around. These days me and my family look at package holidays a lot of the time, but I still work out everything separately. So I have more freedom to create a unique experience like when I was in my twenties. Not always the best option when you have your five-year-old with you, but sometimes it can be cheaper and if you plan it out with a little give and take for delays and other such issues, you can have a personal experience no one else can match.

For me, one thing I always got from my mother was not to just do the norm. I hate it when you go on holiday head straight for the beach and do not try to at least experience some of the local cultures. I do not mean the tourist rubbish setup to empty your wallets I mean the true face of a people’s culture. Like local markets and museums. One place I used to love was Germany, near the Rhine experiencing the local wines and small towns.

That’s another point. You do not need to go to Ibiza or any other exotic or hot location to have an amazing holiday experience. There are some places that are not as touristy as others and you can create an amazing experience for less than you would think.

As another article in this publication says there are connections from Manchester Airport to many destinations all over the world including China. As a child I went to Hong Kong but I have always wanted to see the Great Wall of China and maybe in my life time I will be able to see it from the ground as well as space with many companies trying to create commercial craft to take us to space. But maybe that is a pipe dream.

But one thing that is for certain with so many unique places around the world I am sure you can find the perfect holiday. Whether a package holiday or one of your own design. 

But remember the essentials when travelling. Some places do not have everything you may need. I am not talking about taking your favourite tin of soup or even the kitchen sink, even though it feels like my partner has packed that, just to visit family in the past.

But having a guide book for the area can be an invaluable tool as not everywhere has internet access even in this day and age. Even having a phone signal the charges can be expensive.

One thing I’d like to mention is to always make sure you have a good book to read. I am not just talking about a book you read once and then you have nothing to read. I am talking about a book that no matter how many times you read it you never get bored. For me it has to be funny and for the past few years I have favoured the Woody’s World books. There are two available and a third about to be released. I cannot wait to read it! The books will reel you into the uniquely wonderful and hilarious backpacking World of Woody!

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Whatever your destination enjoy it, every experience you have will stay with you forever.


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