What Are Surveyors?

Moving home, buying your first home and renting are stressful. Communicating with real estate agents, other home owners and perspective buyers, the real estate market is a truly a world unto itself. For those who aren’t used to it, it can be a minefield but there are those who are going to be in your corner.

Surveyors are a vital part of getting a mortgage and real estate in general and ensuring that a property is structurally sound, having one of your side means that you will be making an informed decision on your new property. As a seller is under no duty to tell you any of the defects in a property, it’s wise to hire a surveyor to look at your property. They have the skills to look for the faults in a property that an untrained eye might scan over.

Costs for a surveyor can vary but it will definitely be in somewhere between two hundred and fifty to a thousand pounds depending on the level of survey and the size of the house.

It’s very easy to get confused with the levels of survey you might need before buying a home, most surveys will take less than a day to complete and it’s better safe than sorry. There are three different types of surveys, which most surveyors within the UK will provide for you.

The most basic survey is the condition report, these are best used if you are planning on buying a more modern house built within the past ten years. The condition report gives you an overview of the property and its current condition, this is best if you are certain the house is in good condition but you don’t want to take any risks.

Most people tend to opt for a homebuyers report from their surveyor, this gives the homebuyer a detailed report that will highlight the main issues of the property. This includes issues like damp and subsidence will can cost you literally thousands of pounds to deal with, which you wouldn’t want to do after spending all that money on a house. The homebuyer’s report is categorised as a non-intrusive report, not looking behind or under anything, which means if you are already worried about the house this might not be the best one for you.

Finally, the ultimate and most thorough survey you can get for the house you’re planning on buying is the building survey. This will take pretty much a full day if done by a professional surveyor, they will inspect every inch of the house, under chairs and behind painting, looking for anything that might give you havoc when you move in. With building surveys you can get a list of defects, advice on repairs and a list of projected costs and timings for any and all repairs that need doing.

Surveyors are a home buyer’s best friend, even if the costs put you off, keep in mind that spending five hundred pounds now might save you five thousand in the future.

By Katie Beech   -   24-09-2015

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