What Defines a Mancunian Meal?

What cuisine stirs up images of rolling landscapes, football and Oasis? Eccles cake, blood pudding and Lancashire hotpot are all obvious choices with strong links to the area. Warm and comforting these dishes have barely changed for the past hundred years they represent our landscape, food grown on rainy fields under a Northern sky.

But Manchester and the world around us isn’t the same place it was a century ago, we now have the world at our finger tips. This means a constant connection to what’s new and exciting and though our culture has changed and expanded our love for our food hasn’t waned. According to a new report, the number of restaurant companies in the North West rose by 13% to over 4,600 we truly are a food-loving city.

Our identity and our city are a source of pride and our culture is fast paced and forever changing. So as Manchester becomes a more international so does our cuisine with the whole world at our finger tips what defines a Mancunian Dish in 2016.

Many people in the region regardless of race consider Indian curry their go to meal. In fact curry mile is one of the city’s favourite hotspots and there is an in depth appreciation of the dish, an enthusiastic love for the meal that’s rich in flavour and spice. And when Khalsa Aid went to help those stricken by the floods in January they gave out free curry as a way to help those and provide a comforting meal in the worst of times.

And as the home to one of the UK’s most thriving Chinatown’s and one of the best and most established Chinese restaurants. Chinatown is centred on the impressive Ming Dynasty Imperial Arch which was dedicated in 1987 with many shops and restaurants sited around Nicholas Street, Faulkner Street and George Street. Chinese restaurants and all you can eat buffets like Buffet City have found success and enduring popularity with Mancunians from all walks of life craving dishes like dim sum.

If maybe you’re interested in experimenting with the new food trends you should look no further than Manchester’s favourite food trend, Burger Restaurants. Food fads in the bigger cities revolve cronuts and oil in coffee, Manchester however is more inclined to something slightly more substantial with a better price.

Any seasoned foodie will inform you that burgers are definitely in vogue in Manchester, even Northern Quarter restaurant Solita has created the Big Manc a burger which embodies the soul of the city. Almost Famous being…well the most famous burger restaurant in the city has a magical selection of pretzel burgers, magical popping waffle fries and cocktails with inventive and beautiful names like Bitch Juice. A little fancier than getting a carpet burger out of a van, the burgers you’ll find here are a creation onto themselves, gourmet burgers with a Mancunian edge. Big Manc, Manc-hattan from Solita Restaurant are authentically the new standard of Northern cuisine.

Whatever your Mancunian food is the city’s soul lives in quality, creativity and value for money. And we’re ready for a 2016 with a great new mountain of flavour.

By Katie Beech   -   08-12-2015

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