What’s the colour of a wedding?

What hue springs to mind when you hear about impending nuptials?

The obvious answer to this might seem like the traditional sheen of an ivory white wedding dress. Many women won’t wear a white dress except for on that one special day because of the importance our society places on colours in wedding.

But did you know that white wedding dresses weren’t a particularly common occurrence until the 18th century? This was when the future Queen Victoria was snapped wearing one, before then the most common colour for a wedding dress was red or different shades of scarlet. And this is why most cultures outside of Western Europe keep to a much more aesthetically old-fashioned flush.

Colour in weddings have always played an important part to setting the tone of the day. Brides and grooms often spend months agonising on what those two all-important colours will be in their photographs for the next decades. And flowers are one of those vital parts to a wedding, in fact they’ve been a significant part of romance since the middle ages when the church imposed strict codes on how a couple should act in public. A red rose would mean love whereas a black rose would signify death, it’s amazing that everything we say today in a text message today had to be articulated with just a flower back then.

But at Pantone, the people responsible for creating and curating colour have been putting out the ‘Colour of the Year’ since 2000 after studying what shade is going to define everything from what goes on your feet and what your wedding is going to be like.

And in 2016 the two colours that are set to mark the next twelve months are Serenity and Rose Quartz and will no doubt make their mark when it comes to the much anticipated 2016 wedding season.

Rose Quartz being the warmer of the two colours, a vaguely warm pink that feels like a modern classic, it’s the shade of which the new iPhone got its inspiration, it’s the colour of the first warm night of the year, of the excitement of a first date, of new hope.

Rose Quartz is a perfect wedding shade in its fresh romantic frivolity going well with white and muted shades of pretty much any tone, it’s on trend and it’s a little luxurious and the perfect colour for a vintage inspired glamorous wedding.

Serenity on the other hand is like Rose Quartz’s colder cousin, a colour more at home on the first frost on the ground during the winter, a bright night sky and the first time you say ‘I love you.’ Serenity a smooth sleek elegant colour. Serenity is colour found in nature among plants like lavender, why don’t you incorporate some into your wedding bouquet for all day fragrance and a beautiful edge.

So whenever you are having your wedding this year make sure you incorporate these two great colours into your palette for an up to date but still entirely classic wedding.

By Katie Beech   -   13-02-2016

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